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History Of The Medallion Chips

People know it by different names according to their history. Started by Jimmy Kinnon in the 90’s, the medallion coins are also known as Narcotic Anonymous or Alcoholic Anonymous. They used for different things in the world. You may confuse them with poker chips. To mark various stages one has taken, different medallions are made.They are still used across the globe.These distinct tokens are given to those recovering from alcohol by almost anybody.These may include their friends, family or even people from your hometown. This is a way of appreciating the recovering person for their effort to abstain from alcohol and improve their lifestyle. they are available in various dimensions and shapes.

One particular medallion called The Sacred heart Medallion was used by Sister Ignatia in Ohio. New patients got these medallions after they were discharged. By accepting these medallions, this meant that they would be committed to recovery. you would return the medallion if you were not going to commit to abstinence. You have to put in the work and not believe that the medallion will help you stay sober.You receive special tokens according to your stages, and these gave patients hope that they will be victorious in their fight.

There are different types of medallions. These include plastic chips, Alcoholic anonymous tokens, and glass pocket gems among others that are gaining popularity. People are becoming ignorant of the value of others through giving out bullets to those recovering.This could lead to damage as one may be inclined to commit suicide if they do not recover. It is great to celebrate, but also one has to bear in mind that the person may still be fighting the devil within. The 12 step program had a near success with its root being able to help others recover.

Just like a support group, the alcoholic anonymous that brings people together to fight alcoholism and other addictions, regardless of whether they are female or male, or even their ages. This initiative helped them have a shoulder to lean on and look forward to another day. it’s like having new brothers and sisters to shoulder and soldier on with you.Nobody has to pay to join this fellowship as it solely based on empowering each other and listening to other people. There are some few misconceptions about the group’s agenda, but it is solely independent. the chips are used to help boost the self-esteem of others, and each one of them has a different meaning.

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